PR 9-26-21

WebCam Pioneer, Kurt Shafer, announces Highest Performance Hybrid Rooftop Ventilator

Kurt Shafer is a lifelong inventor and the first to invent commercially available webcam software. His SnapNSend(tm) software was used by Surflne in 1996 to broadcast the famous Huntington Beach U.S. Open. Below is a reprint of a page on the web site. This page was put there in 1996 and was recently deleted.

In 2015 Kurt was assigned by Allan Ramsay of CSR Edmonds in Australia to sell their Hurricane rooftop ventilators and their ECOpower Hybrid Rooftop ventilators.
He opened up Edmonds USA and this web site –

In 2016 he improved the CSR design and brought out his Tornado Hybrid Rooftop Ventilators.

James Shwe of in Burbank CA put his Tornado hybrid on the new Studio City gymnasium rooftop that the city of Los Angeles is managing.
You can see that design here –

The Invisco Industrial Hybrid Rooftop Ventilators come in sizes from 12 inches diameter throats up  to 36 inches.
Their free gravity air flow is better than any other gravity ventilator in America because the turbine design catches breezes to accelerate air flow.
The powered air flow is better than any others because the turbine offers nearly unobstructed air flow unlike others with hats.

See more here –