2012 U of Washington Meets LEED Gold

Zimmer Gunsul Frasca in Seattle Washington teamed up with Affiliated Engineers Inc. and Hoffman Construction to design and build a 4 story engineering building that would meet LEED Gold. Affiliated Engineers searched all over the world for the latest ventilating systems to help make this building the best it could be. They found the world’s first hybrid rooftop ventilator – the EP900 – made by CSR Edmonds in Australia. It offered an entirely new way to look at ventilation by offering excellent gravity flow PLUS a motorized option when more air flow is needed. This invention by Edmonds was tested by AMCA in 2016 and caused AMCA to create a new class – Hybrid Rooftop Ventilator.

At that time, the Edmonds EP900 was the highest performance hybrid available. It offers free gravity ventilation measured at 1,681 CFM in a 6.7 MPH breeze through its 36 inch throat. Then, when power is applied, a motor turns the turbine top to pull 5,885 CFM at 270 watts.

Since then, Invisco Industrial has introduced a much more powerful hybrid, the Invisco EP900, with free gravity flow of 2,118 CFM in a 6.7 MPH breeze and 14,000 CFM under power at 975 watts.

First, a look at the team:

Next, the project overview – you can right click it and open it in a new window for a larger view.

The project was documented in great detail in a PDF that, if printed, would be 4 feet high and 8 feet long. The PDF can be seen here – http://inviscoindustrial.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/01/University-of-Washington-Seattle-2.pdf

An important consideration was an analysis of the climate. You can right click the image below and open in a new tab for a larger view.

Here is a view of the building with numbers indicating paragraphs devoted to each subject.

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