2015 Studio City CA Gymnasium

6-13-22 Update – According to the Studio City gymnasium manager, Adam Monick, construction is expected to begin this summer. He says requests for material proposals might start in July. 

12-2-21 Update – The bid by Los Angeles was impacted by covid so it was delayed. 

3-26-20 Update – This building is now out for bid by the city of Los Angeles. Athena in San Dimas’ Luis Ochoa called for a quote. It was bid by only 2 contractors so it has been delayed. 

Below is a section of the mechanical drawing showing the placements of these hybrid ventilators. Below is the parts list showing the Invisco Industrial models EP400 and EP900. There are 8 ventilators used and you can see the design is for use in static pressures up to 0.2 inches of water column. 

Note the comment “Wind power assisted for energy use reduction”. No other source in America offers that feature.