4 Story Engineering Building

University of Washington Seattle

The CSR Edmonds’ largest hybrid rooftop ventilator, the EP900, a 36 inch throat, was used by Affiliated Engineers  on the University of Washington building but because the Edmonds design motorized the turbine top,  they were forced to derate the motorized air flow from 5,885 CFM to 2500 CFM. As a result they needed to install 8 ventilators at a cost of over $3000 each plus installation. The Invisco Hybrid Tornado EP900  needs no significant derating. The 36 inch Tornado pulls 14,000 CFM at 0.0 SP and over 12,000 CFM at 0.2

Zimmer Gunsul Frasca in Seattle WA worked with Affiliated Engineers Inc on the University of Washington’s new Molecular Engineering building built in 2013.

ZGF went to a lot of work to put many details of the design goals and implementation on a poster that is – in full size – 8 feet long! You can download it in pdf form here –University-of-Washington-Seattle

Here are reprints from the big pdf:

You can see the 8 ecoPOWER EP900s on top of the building. This image is a low resolution digital image. You can download the high resolution PDF using the link above.

Above is a picture of the project’s 4 foot by 8 foot PDF document. It is not high res but the pdf download above is. The most important outcome of the UW case is that 40% of the building is not air conditioned thus saving $1000s a year.