University of Washington Engineering Building In Seattle.
Done in 2012 using Edmonds hybrids –  eliminated air conditioning in 40 % of the 4 story building. Engineered by Affiliated Engineers Inc. 

Gymnasium In Los Angeles suburb, Studio City,  Engineered by James Shwe in 2015. He put in 8 hybrids.

Underground Garage Has 10,000 watt Greenheck and could be just 2,525 watts. This is an actual building in Los Angeles that uses Greenheck. 

Wollongong University Australia   used 13 hybrids on their new SMART building.

Community College In Portland, Oregon. 

Powell Elementary School In Washington DC. 

Los Angeles Aquatic Park  shows the dramatic power savings when comparing a Greenheck rooftop to a hybrid solution.

Tornado Spinning in test – this is the first residential whole house fan to use this new hybrid concept. It was installed on a mid century modern home in Los Angeles.

20000 CFM Rooftop  this is on a plastics manufacturing building in Escondido California

Air Changes – a table of recommended air changes for dozens of different room uses.