1-20-21 This is the latest data on my business plan – a plan that shows a path to reach over $300,000 in sales in 3 years. The plan is made up of two products that serve two huge markets. One is whole house fans – I have the only high performance rooftop mount and Tractor Supply has agreed to carry them this spring.

The second is the huge industrial and commercial building market. I have a design from Australia that has potential to slash the cost of ventilating underground parking.

This plan is not aggressive, it is based on the reality of a firm design in a new gymnasium in Los Angeles that is very likely to place their order in early 2021. You can see the design case study here –

The plan is also based on my experience with sales rep firms across America. Here is a link to the reps I signed on in 2016 for my previous company, EdmondsUSA –   Please note that the typo “Rep’s” was created after I left that company.

The plan is also based on my experience with trade shows – the most important being the ASHRAE show that is held every January. The 2021 show is cancelled due to covid but it will be back in 2022, God willing.  My business plan includes the cost of making a booth and manning it with personnel.

The plan also is light on personnel. The most important person is a sales manager to help me accelerate the signing of sales reps. They are very important to this process because designs are almost all made by building engineers. Most of them are member of so they are very visible.

The forecast of sales is very pessimistic. They could build faster. But realize that designs can take years to get to sales. An example is my Los Angeles design. It was done in 2015 and took half a decade to come to procurement.

First, the financials. Then the pages of my presentation. There is a link in one page to the collection of powerful case studies. Here it is