Letter to Jim Meats

You left me a scathing voicemail late last year  (2019) to which I replied. You accused me of lying and misrepresenting my patent. You told me to not call anyone at your company again. I have no idea where you got the idea I am not telling the truth about my invention and my patent and my activities.

You have an excellent opportunity to check on me by talking to reps I have known for half a decade. Below is the list of reps I signed on in 2015-6 to rep EdmondsUSA.com – a company and web site I created for the purpose of being the United States distributor for Edmonds in Australia. All these reps can vouch for that. These reps can also tell you that the Edmonds design did not sell well after they took on that line.

But what is most important here is that they signed on in 2015 because they saw that the hybrid concept pioneered by the Australians is so unique they felt compelled to give it a try.

I, too, saw the Australian design as unusual. I saw the case studies all over the world – one of the best here in Seattle – and I met personally with James Shwe in Los Angeles who was so impressed he is now working hybrids into all his designs. James was very pleased when I improved on the Edmonds design for the American market. You can see his design here –

In 2015 I was called by Allan Ramsay, the Edmonds Export Sales Manager for their ECOPower hybrid ventilators, who asked me to be his United States Distributor. That resulted in my opening EdmondsUSA in 2015. Allan has since retired but you can see him here – https://edmondsusa.com/field-trip-to-u-washington/
He is in the picture down the page a bit. I took that picture in 2016 when we visited the University of Washington to see the ECOPowers on top of the building.

So, Jim, I hope you take this opportunity to talk to your reps and ask them about me. I am offering Loren and Jerry a golden opportunity to join me and their forebear,  Loren Cook, as the latest pioneers in rooftop ventilation with this never before seen hybrid concept. It is proven to outperform every other rooftop in applications where it fits.

Here is a good picture of the first hybrid made by Edmonds. You can see the high performance turbine rain hat and the motor that causes the term hybrid.

Below are all the reps I signed on in 2015 to sell hybrids for EdmondsUSA

dmgn CALIF NO Bill Aldrich COOK
gulfcoastas LA Matt Sicard COOK
lashleyinc TX Rich Sutton COOK
long NV UT WY CO Archie Warthen COOK
robertsonsllc ID Brent Robertson COOK
trianglesales KS MO Dan Edmonds COOK
vemcoinc MT Dan Fry COOK
buckleyonline CT MA ME NY RI VT NH GH
dorse WA GH
johnsonair OR GH
pittsburghairsystems PA VANW GH
wardboland DC DE MD GH
aircontrolproducts OH GH
airmechanicalsales VA WV BARD


Many regards,
Kurt Shafer
951 296 3611
Industrial Rooftop Ventilation