I am the son of Al Thorwaldson – read more about him here . Al was born and raised in North Dakota, and his lovely bride, Cathlyn,  was born and raised in Montana in the Schabel family. In 1944 Cathlyn passed as I was being born. In 1945 Al passed when his CNAC plane crashed. Margaret and Arch Shafer adopted me. They brought me up in Los Angeles and in Palos Verdes. I went to George Washington High School and later University of Southern California to study Electrical Engineering, graduating in 1965. My first job was at Benchmaster Mfg. Co. working as a draftsman. After graduation I went to work for Bendix Electrodynamics in Sylmar, CA. I then went to Magnavox in Torrance and while there met my bride, Darlene. I married her on my 30th birthday, February 22, 1974. In 1976 we had our son, Ryan, who is now married to Gail. They have 2 sons, Bjorn and Brent. In 1979 we were blessed with a daughter, Kimberley, who married a strapping young firefighter, Nick Plancich. They now have a son, Cole, and a daughter, Shelby.

A long career in electronics design and sales led me and Darlene to move to Temecula CA in 2008 where I learned about whole house fans. That year I started a whole house fan company that is now the Thorwaldson Whole House Fan Company with a web site you can see here –  http://thorwaldsonwholehousefans.com/

That led me to open a whole house fan web site for the Australian market, Invisco.com.au  – I got my first whole house fan order from Australia in 2015. That led me to look for parts in Australia. One of the companies I called was CSR Edmonds in Sydney. That led to a call from the export sales manager, Allan Ramsay, who asked what I was doing. When I told him I was selling fans, he realized I could be of value to Edmonds by taking over the distributor function for the United States. We signed an agreement in July 2015 and I created Edmonds USA Corporation with the web site  http://www.edmondsusa.com/

During 2015 and 2016 Mike Miller and I signed up sales representatives in 27 states. They were all also reps for either Greenheck or LorenCook, two of the largest rooftop ventilation companies in the U.S. I left in late 2016 and invented what is now the best hybrid rooftop in the world – the Tornado line. Now you know the rest of the story……