Studio City CA Gymnasium

2-12-18 Here is a new design done in Southern California by James Shwe of Maroko and Shwe for a gymnasium in Studio City. You will see that there are multiple hybrid rooftop ventilators being used. This is expected to begin construction in 2019. 

The largest unit, the EP900, a 36 inch throat, was also used by Affiliated Engineers  on the University of Washington building but they were forced to derate the motorized air flow from 5,885 CFM to 2500 CFM. As a result they needed to install 8 ventilators at a cost of over $3000 each plus installation, which was huge. The Invisco Hybrid Tornado needs no significant derating. The 36 inch Tornado EP900 (with a 20 inch blade) shown above pulls 8,000 CFM at 0.0 SP and over 5,800 CFM at 0.2 and if it has a 35 inch blade it pulls 14,000 CFM.