Los Angeles area aquatic park

James Shwe of Maroko and Shwe is doing a new design here in January 2020 that has the expected Greenheck Centifugal Upblast Exhausters. James asked me to help him show how much better hybrid rooftops can serve the design.

Below is my analysis showing two hybrid sources, Edmonds Australia and my models. You can see that this Australian invention (the rain hat turbine design) offers far superior air flow than the American upblast design because the air flows up and out with minimum interference. That is why both of the hybrids offer much higher CFM at much lower power. On top of that is the fact that the turbines are rotated by the slightest breeze and they are proven in the lab to pull significant air as measured at 6.8 MPH. Then note that my hybrids have infinitely variable speed EC motors so the input power is nearly perfectly linear with speed. As an example, if the 1500 CFM moved by the CUE-121 using 1/2 HP is the CFM needed, and the TP600 is run at a lower speed to match the 1500 CFM then the horsepower needed for that CFM will be very nearly 1500/6970 times .72 or 0.15 HP!

I could go on and estimate electric power used in a typical day but you see the point here. Hybrid rooftop ventilators out perform all other rooftops by a wide margin in many applications.