Hybrid Rooftop Ventilators Made in America

Welcome to the new Thorwaldson brand of Tornado Hybrid Rooftop Ventilators.

If you are a building engineer or architect who specifies rooftop ventilating systems, you are likely to be familiar with one or more of the leaders, Greenheck, LorenCook, PennBarry and/or Twin City Fans.

You then know that rooftop ventilation has, until now, been limited to one of two choices – gravity ventilators or motorized ventilators.

You might have heard that AMCA created a new classification in 2016 – “Hybrid Rooftop Ventilators”. That class came about when AMCA tested the first hybrid – the EcoPower by Edmonds Australia.

The new Thorwaldson design offers you higher performance than the Edmonds line because the Aussies use a motor to turn the turbine rain top and the Tornado line uses a powerful motor and blade to move 1000s of CFM more under power and pull air even at high static pressures. The EcoPower line cannot pull air at above about 0.1 SP.

For the first hybrid rooftop ventilators to be made in America click HERE

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